Things I’ve learned this winter…

Isn’t there such a lot that you can learn from ordinary, every day life when you really stop to listen, look around you and reflect?

So here are just a few of the new things I’ve learned over the last few months of winter:

1. That I’m still not a winter person

But that said, it’s certainly better if you can fully embrace all the good stuff it offers; like Christmas obviously, and snowy days, and winter walks and Sunday pub roasts by a roaring fire. And January mini breaks too. Which brings onto point two …

2. January breaks are a dream – and they don’t come much better than Reykjavík

This winter reminded me that January is a great time for planning in a weekend mini-break. And my husband & I went to Reykjavík, which is just the coolest and most ‘other worldly’ destination ever as well. You can read more about it here.

3. I am a bit more techy than I thought!

I’ve always said I was just not a very techy person. And it’s largely probably true. But this month I have managed to master some basic Code for my blog and also set up some new digital marketing platforms. So all things are possible for those who persist!

4. How to build my writer platform by serving my reader well

This January I finally took the plunge in my writing journey and decided to join the Hope Writers group – where I have been quickly learning how little I know but gaining lots of food for thought and being stretched to consider things like how the first step to becoming a successful writer is building an audience and serving your reader’s needs well.

5. How to have beautiful looking drawers

Yes. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but after watching the Netflix series, like most of the UK I was transfixed by the Marie Kondo method and reorganised all my clothes drawers. Who knew you could fold clothes standing upright like that?

6. I’m a pretty good kids party planner

After throwing my son a superhero party to end all parties, which literally consumed weeks of brain space to organise, I realised that I’m pretty good at events planning. We even booked the ‘real’ Spider-Man. But that said, next year I still think I’m going to pay someone else – as it would have been both easier and cheaper.

7. Dyson cordless hoovers really are worth the money … !

I’ve always been a skeptic but I got one in the Xmas sales as a little gift to myself, and in the hope of helping us to keep more on top of cleaning up. And it really has changed my life… I am never going back!

8. I am an Enneagram 3 (I think!)

Again, slightly late to the party with this one as well. But after reading Ian Cron’s Road Back to Yourself I have finally explored the enneagram and figured out where I and my husband both fit … which incidentally explains a lot!

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